Chelsea Fundraising

Pizza Brings Families & Communities Together
FROZEN PIZZAS for Your Next Fundraising Event!

Our team here at The Chelsea Pizza Company are bringing you an amazing chance to raise money for your favourite cause - whether you need to raise money for new jerseys for your little league team, support your university programs, or your company wants to raise money for your local charity - The Chelsea's Frozen Pizza Fundraising program very easy execute upon (and contactless). As you know we are the ONLY COAL FIRE PIZZA in Eastern Canada! This gives you an amazing opportunity to have a new and exciting spin on your next fundraiser. It's not just any frozen pizza - it's coal fired frozen pizza.  

Our design team provide customized flyers(digital) with your personal ID Number so you may start inviting supporters to your charity event. Then you start distributing them digitally on social media / text / email. We give you some strategies in the FAQ Section. It's up to you on how you promote your event and build excitement around your fundraiser letting everyone know of the start and end date. Very important to set a fundraising goal and try to achieve this. Rally the troops around this goal. People will love to support you since you are bringing them the gift of Coal Fired FROZEN Pizza from a local home grown business - not only do they get a chance to support your beautiful fundraiser, they get a tax write off and they also get to support a local business that employs local people in the community. It is a win win win for everyone involved.

Here’s how it works:

You will be given a specific fundraiser ID number - you will also given a person login username and password so you can monitor you fundraiser - view who has donated - how much - when ... etc etc. This information is critical for internal contests and prizes as well to keep people excited and engaged.
Your supporters would go to and place their order identifying your fundraiser. You can also manage your payouts from here. There are some criteria for delivery or pickup that your FRM can go over with you. Larger the order, larger their donation. More Pizza to Eat. Simple. 

You will have an allotted number of days to conduct and host your fundraiser - start and end dates will be assigned based on your needs. If you ever feel you need to extend this for a last push - contact your FRM (Fund Raising Manager) to set that up. Its quick and easy.

20% of all net total orders(after tax) will be email transferred back to the organizer / representative of the charity event 48 hours after the completion of your event. You will be given a full print out and report of all the orders placed so you can send our personal thank you messages to all your supporters. Reports will also be accessible 24x7 to those that create their own accounts with the FRM.

Pizzas will be available for pick up at The Chelsea located at 576 Ouellette Avenue 5 days after the ending date of your fundraiser. Scheduled pickups will happen via We will ask that supporters email us 24 hours prior to pickup so we can have their frozen order ready for them. Some fundraisers have opted to have dinners and get togethers at The Chelsea where pizzas can be distributed. There are many options that your FRM can discuss with you.


Let's get started today! Call us at 519.980.4002 and ask for me, the owner, Patrick OR email the other owner Kash at - we personally want to help you set up an amazing fundraiser and will with with you and your FRM. As we expand our reach we are so excited to be able to give back to the communities that we work in.

*depending on locations - we also support your fundraiser by giving you gift cards that you can use to entice your fundraising teams to promote your cause and your meet your goals - ask your FRM for details*