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Chelsea Our Story


"From Our Oven To Yours"

March 2020 our world changed forever. For everyone.
We decided we had to change ours. 

While many things have changed in our business, one thing remains the same, we still make amazing coal fire pizzas, but now, we bring them to you, frozen and vacuum sealed so you can enjoy them in your home, with your family, at your dinner table, whenever you want. 
Simple. Fired & Frozen.

Our team is now dedicated to bringing you the same amazing pizzas along with other amazing stone and coal fired fresh food directly to your dinner tables.

We have perfected the process of firing up your food to blistering temperatures of 800 to 900 degrees, then immediately flash freezing them, and vacuum sealing in the freshness. This process takes time and is expensive. But this means more taste, safer food, ands quicker cook times for you. You will understand why customer after customer claims that "we are the best frozen pizza that they have ever had." 

Our frozen product line includes coal and stone fired:
Gourmet pizzas
Gluten free low carb cauliflower thin crust pizzas
Nutella dessert pizzas
Children's lunch pizza packs
Vegan pizzas
Gourmet wings

When you see our products in grocery stores please buy them.
Go to our home delivery link and order products right to your home.
Start a Pizza Fundraiser of your own.
Support us and support local businesses like ours. 
We all need your support now more than ever.

Thank you for choosing The Chelsea Pizza Company.
We are forever thankful.

Your Owners,
Kash, Pat & Dan.  

*please look at how we host fundraisers and join us as we spread the love of pizza while raising money for local charities and community groups across the country.*


The Chelsea Process

All of our pizzas are individually handmade by our pizza specialists with the freshest of topping and signature sauces. 
Pizzas are flash frozen. We take our freshly made gourmet pizzas from a sweltering 900°+ right down to an instant blistering -40° in a matter of minutes sealing in all the coal fired flavor, freshness and crunch that only a Coal Fire can bring you. Same applies to our wings.
At this critical time during COVID-19 crisis we at The Chelsea are taking extra precautions to ensure the safety and health of our staff and consumers. ​

Now you can enjoy our coal fired pizza and wings in the comfort and safety of your home in minutes.

Look for our products at local select grocery and health food stores soon. 
If your store would like to carry The Chelsea's Coal Fired Fresh Products email us at frozen@thechelseacanada.com today.

How we prepare our Coal Fire Frozen Pizza for your family:
Our pizzas and wings are prepared in a highly sterile environment. We start by fully cooking everything in our coal fire oven at over 900°.  We then immediately flash freeze at -40° and then vacuum sealed instantly. This entire process helps to better reduce any threat of contamination in the cooking, packing and delivery. This process also locks in all the coal fire flavour of our gourmet pizzas and wings. Don't forget, this also allows for a much quicker cook time at home.
"Our pizza is fully cooked in advance within Canada's only 900 ° coal fire oven then immediately flash frozen and then vacuum sealed ready for delivery or pickup. This ensures a product that is safe, healthy, and tasty for the entire family.  You will then be unpacking this in the cleanliness and safety of your own home. All it takes is a few short minutes you and your family will enjoy Canada's only coal fire pizza in the comfort of your home. We are also launching our Coal Fire Nutella Pizza to bring some added coal fire joy to your day."  The Chelsea Canada Management

Coal Fired Frozen Wings:
Coal Fired Wings are marinated in our special Chelsea secret sauce and then placed in our 900° coal oven. You have never experienced chicken wings until you have experienced Chelsea's Coal Fire Wings! We lock in 900° of coal fire flavor and then immediately flash freeze and vacuum seal in freshness ensuring the safest possible delivery of your wings.

Thank you for your amazing support Windsor.  The entire team at The Chelsea wants to thank you for your support in these trying and difficult times. As we know the restaurants and hospitality workers are greatly affected by this crisis. Please support your local restaurants in their attempts to create new and exciting ways for you to enjoy the restaurants you love in your jokes. Soon enough things will return to normal but until then let's all be compassionate and considerate of everyone. Times like these are unprecedented but that being said, unprecedented is the human spirit. GOD bless us all. ​​