Pizza Subscription

Chelsea Pizza Subsciption


How it works:
As a subscriber you get the benefit of putting your frozen pizza orders on automatic pilot. No more looking in the freezer and realizing you're out. 

Set up for your frozen pizzas to arrive weekly or monthly. If weekly - pick the day of the week and your pizzas will show up on that day every single week. If monthly - same thing - pick your day and leave the rest to us. 

Step 1
Select from our frozen option as to what pizzas you want to have delivered on those scheduled days.

Step 2
Pick if you are doing weekly or monthly.

Step 3
Decide how many pizzas you want to order weekly / monthly.

Step 4:
Sit back - relax - and always know you have the best gourmet frozen pizza around sitting in your freezer at all times. 

Click here to start your subscription NOW and start saving while space exists.