Why Coal Fired Pizza?

Canada's Only Coal Fire Frozen Pizza & Wings
In the pizza capital of the world, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, The Chelsea Coal Fired Pizza has elevated the game to new heights by introducing Coal Fired Pizza. We are all used to the gas, electric and wood fire pizza ovens, but coal fire pizza oven? Here's why The Chelsea went with a coal fire oven. 

Coal fire verses wood fire oven?
Cooking with coal fire is the hottest thing in pizza-making — literally. Cranking up to temperatures of 800 to 900 degrees on the bed of the oven and the coals at more than 1400 degrees. The coal fire pizza oven burns more intensely than its wood-blazing counterparts, producing lightning-quick, crisp pies with a nice char as only a coal oven can do. 

Pizza cooked at extremely high temperatures will yield a perfectly baked crust without over-cooking the toppings. A properly prepared, moist, elastic, and properly risen pizza dough requires temperatures of over 900 degrees to cook quickly and well to a perfect, crisp outside and a tender inside. 

Coal ovens use what is nicknamed, black diamond coal, this is Anthrocite Coal that is mined in the mountains of Pennsylvania. Anthrocite Coal is the cleanest burning coal with little to no impurities like man made coal or wood being used.
Wait no longer...

If you are one of the few that haven't taken the leap over to coal fire way of life, then there is no better time then now as we have officially launched our frozen coal fired pizza and wing line up. Coal Fired - flash frozen - vacuum sealed. All done to allow you to enjoy our pizzas at home with your family, whenever you like.  Delivery schedules - click here

Find out what coal fired pizza tastes like today - it will change your view of pizzas forever! From your freezer to your dinner table in under 10 minutes for a coal fire gourmet pizza greatness from The Chelsea.